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Gorillas tracking

Gorilla tracking ranks among one of the absolute highlights of a trip to Africa for most travellers, and the spine-tingling feeling that you get being so near to one of our closest relatives is hard to describe.

Gorillas are mainly divided into the mountain and the lowland with a couple of other sub-species in that. We suggest Rwanda, Uganda for views of the mountain gorillas and the Republic of Congo for the lowland gorillas. It is also possible to find mountain gorillas within the DR of Congo however due to the instabilities within the country, it has been challenging in some areas.

In Uganda you can do gorilla tracking in Bwindi and Mgahinga National Parks. In Rwanda it is Volcano National Park.

A Gorilla trek within the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is a highlight of all visits done in Uganda and certainly mountain gorillas are the major reason as to why very many people visit Uganda. On the other hand, Uganda is recognized as a very safe and more so secure country in which you can see these Gorillas in a serene surroundings.

The official price for a gorilla permit in Uganda is $600 per person (2015). Only in November ,May and April the Uganda Wildlife Authority offers a discount of $250 making the gorilla permit $350 per person. Gorilla permits within Rwanda were recently increased up to $750 per person.

For a gorilla Safari you need to be fairly fit, equipped for the humid, muddy conditions of a rainforest hike, and healthy. You will not be permitted to go gorilla trekking if you have a cold or similar illness because gorillas are susceptible to many human diseases. The region's mid-December to February and June to September dry seasons are the best time to go gorilla trekking but you can still expect a tough day on foot: it's sometimes humid, wet and muddy with steep slopes and tangled vegetation. Nevertheless, the chances of finding a gorilla family are often around 95%.Once a habituated gorilla family has been located by your guides, you can settle down for an hour to observe them as they feed and groom while their babies tumble about the undergrowth - all under the watchful gaze of the great silverback male. Sitting only a few meters from a gorilla and looking into its soft brown eyes is a spine-tingling experience not easily forgotten.

While searching for the gorillas

• A maximum number of 8 visitors may visit a group (family) of habituated gorillas in a day.

• Always wash your hands before you head out to see the gorillas.

• Do not leave rubbish in the park.

• Please always keep your voices low. This will ensure that you will be able to observe the beautiful birds and other wildlife in the forest.

• You will be taken to where the guides left the gorillas the day before. From there you will follow their trail to find them. Look out for the gorillas nesting sites along the way.

• When you approach the gorillas, the guides will inform you when to get your cameras ready.

While at the gorillas

• Keep a minimum distance of 7 meters (21 feet) from the gorillas.

• Keep your voices low at all times. However, it is okay to ask the guide questions.

• Do not eat or drink while you are near the gorillas.

• Sometimes the gorillas charge. Follow the guide’s example by crouching down slowly, and do not look at the gorillas in the eyes. Wait for the gorilla to pass you by and do not attempt to run away (as this will increase the risk of attack).

• Flash photography is not permitted; when taking pictures, move slowly and carefully.

• Do not touch the gorillas. They are wild animals.

• The maximum time visitors are allowed to spend with the gorillas is one hour.


We are specialized on gorilla tracking safaris and we will be happy to arrange a standard or individual tour for you.