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13 Days - Exciting Uganda and Rwanda Tour

Day 1 - Arrival. Visit Botanic Garden

Arrival at Entebbe International Airport, where you be met by Marabu Tour guide and transfer to 4 Penguins Hotel located near Lake Victoria. After a short brief we are going to Entebbe Botanic Garden. The walk here shows all the amazing green tropical trees and there inhabitants: monkeys (black-and-white colobus, red tailed monkey, and blue monkeys), birds, butterflies, flowers, dragonflies, ants etc. The story goes that in a part of the original Tarzan movie (1947) was shot here. Dinner and overnight in 4 Penguins Hotel.

Day 2 - Rafting

We will drive to Jinja and enjoy rafting across the Nile with professional guides who know how to have fun and take safety. Rafting across the Nile covering a distance of 31km with 6 rapids whereby between them it is possible to swim and observe numerous beautiful birds in the vicinity and then have dinner at the island. Here we offer you a wonderful opportunity whereby you have a variety of activities to choose from in case you do not participate in rafting. Among these activities we have visiting the source of the Great Nile, we also have the visit to the place where the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi have been dispelled and then a boat ride to one of the Islets of Lake Victoria. But believe us! Rafting on the rapids’ of the Nile is a mad beauty of the great River Nile a!! Overnight in Jinja

Day 3 - Ziwa Rhino Ranch

After breakfast we will drive to Ziwa Rhino Ranch near Masindi where you will have a trekking with the rhinos. Ziwa Rhino & Wildlife Ranch is home to Uganda’s only rhinos – making this a must for anyone who has come to Uganda to see Africa’s “Big Five”! Tracking these enormous creatures on foot through the savannah and swamps is a thrilling experience, and your specialist guide will share his expert knowledge on these impressive animals. Overnight in Masindi

Day 4 - Murchison Falls National Park

Early morning we will drive towards Murchison Falls National Park. Murchison National Park occupies an area of 3840 square meters, is inhabited by 76 mammal species and 450 species of birds. Here we will have a graceful boat trip along the Victoria Nile to the great falls as we view clearly the hippopotamuses, crocodiles and birds. Then we leave the boat and trek (1 hour) to the top of the hill to see how the water falls makes its way through the rocks forming a great Murchison falls. After lunch we will take a ferry across the river Nile to the heart of Murchison Falls National Park and enjoy safari. We will be accompanied by a Uganda Wildlife Authority guide who are experts on the wildlife in the park and greatly increase your chances of finding the animals, so keep an eye out for the elephants, lions, and giraffes as well as large game herds.

Day 5 - Drive to Fort Portal. Walumbe Pits

We will drive to Fort Portal (450 km), and make a stop in the most mysterious place of Uganda – Tanda Pits (Walumbe Pits of Uganda). Walumbe pits are recesses in the rock, 1.5 meters wide and up to 70 meters long), going vertically downwards into the ground. There are 240 pits that bring questions of who could have spared the time to dig all these pits. Animals seem to keep away from this place, and the people who dared to go down into the depths of the pits, said that they were overcome with inexplicable horror. Overnight in Fort Portal

Day 6 - Semliki National Park

After breakfast we drive to Semliki National Park crossing Rwenzori Mountains (60km). This impressive range includes the third highest mountain in Africa, Mt. Stanely which includes snow-capped Margherita peak (5109m). Semuliki National Park sprawls across the floor of the Semliki Valley on the remote, western side of the Rwenzori. We will walk in Semiliki tropical jungles (1 – 1.5 hour). The most captivating attractions here are the extraordinary panoramas, hot springs, bird watching, and primate viewing. We can boil food (eggs, bananas and cassava) in hot spring, a natural boiler, and eat it for a lunch! Leopards live in a park, but it is hard to see them, because they are nocturnal. But we certainly can see a lot of primates like white and black colobus and baboons. After trekking, we visit a village of pygmies and watch their dancing. Drive to Kasese.

Day 7 - Queen Elizabeth National Park

After breakfast we will After breakfast we will cross the amazing Kazinga channel and forward to Ishasha Plains, part of Queen Elizabeth National Park that is well known for its tree-climbing lion population.

Day 8 - Queen Elizabeth National Park

Early morning we will have one more safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park with thousands of Ugandan kobs, lions, and elephants to see. Then we will drive to Kisoro.

Day 9 - Gorilla trekking in Bwindi

Today enjoy gorilla trekking in Bwindi! Wake up and take a cup of tea followed by a brief talk by the park rangers at the park quarters then finally head to the forest to search for these unique creatures in the highland areas, gorillas. There are roughly 700 mountain gorillas remaining on Earth, and nearly half live in the forests of the Virunga mountains in central Africa. Gorilla trekking is unpredictable. It's difficult to foresee how many hours you will hike. The gorilla excursion can take from 2 up to 8 hours. Expect to walk along distance in steep and muddy conditions, sometimes with rain overhead, before you encounter any gorillas. For conservation purposes, time spent with the gorillas is limited to one hour. A ranger will brief you on how to behave with the gorillas. After the trekking we will cross Uganda – Rwanda boarder in Ruhengeri.

Day 10 - Volcano National Park, Bizoke trekking

Early in the morning wake up get breakfast and driver to the park entrance of Volcanoes National Park. Volcanoes National Park is the Rwandan section of the great volcanic massif called the Virunga Mountains densely covered with tropical bamboo forests that straddles the borders of Rwanda, Uganda and the DRC. The massif covers a huge area of over 8,000km², encompassing six active and three extinct volcanoes. Volcanoes National Park also has a historic connection with gorilla conservation. It was the base for the ground-breaking work of primatologist Dian Fossey which started in the late 1960s and is evocatively portrayed in the book and film Gorillas in the Mist, and here she was hacked with machetes. We will trek to mountain Bizoke (dead volcano – 3.711m). Overnight Muhabura Hotel Note: For travellers who do not want to participate in Bizoke trekking there is alternative – to take a walk in Volcanoes National Park.

Day 11 - Lake Kivu

We will drive to the volcanic Lake Kivu, which separates Rwanda from Congo. Lake Kivu is one of a string of huge freshwater lakes which lie along Africa's Great Rift Valley. Rugged shores of the lake hit its beauty. Along the lake are moving to Kibuyu. Here you can swim, there are kayaks. Accommodation: Paradise Hotel.

Day 12 - Lake Kivu

Rest on the shore of Lake Kivu. We will enjoy cruise in the lake. Small towns and islands dotted the lake. We made a stop and visit one of the islands. In the afternoon you can swim, enjoy kayak trip; if desired, fishing can be arranged.

Day 13 - Kigali

After breakfast we will have a Kigali city tour, the capital of Rwanda. The city is divided into three districts—Gasabo, Kicukiro and Nyarugenge and is inhabited by one million people. Along the tour, we will visit Genocide Memorial Centre. Farewell dinner in one of Kigali’s restraint and transfer to the airport in the evening. End of the trip



1. Residing in double rooms

2. Breakfasts

3. All movements within the limits of the program, park guides and security

4. Entrances to National Parks

5. Crossing the Nile by a boat and ferry on Murchison falls

6. Professional guides and security in National Parks

7. Pygmies dancing

8. Mount Bizoke trekking

9. Lake Kivu cruise



1. International air fare.

2. Uganda and Rwanda visas

3. Lunch and dinner

4. Nile rafting

5. Mounting gorillas trekking

6. Tips




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