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General Information

Uganda’s great natural beauty led Winston Churchill to call it "the pearl of Africa". From the moment the visitor lands at Entebbe’s international airport, with its breathtaking equatorial location on the forested shore of island-strewn Lake Victoria... Read more »


Climate & When to go

Uganda has a warm climate all year round and, because it lies on Equator, daytime temperatures generally hovering between 24-28C. The rains come two times a year, in October/November (short rains) and Mid-march to end of May. Rainy season is no reason to postpone travel however, as generally it rains for an hour and the rest of the day is clear and sunny… Read more »



Uganda has ten national parks, managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority, cover an immense 10,918 km2 with three main varieties of habitat: savannah, forest and montane… Read more »




Explore mountains and volcanoes, track primates and predators, cruise on vast bodies of water, study flora and fauna, ride horses on the wild savannah plains, raft grade five rapids on The Nile, or just relax at the lodges to take in panoramic vistas... Read more »


Lakes and Rivers

Uganda is landlocked yet almost 25% of the country’s surface is covered by water, it’s generally watered and fertile and provides plenty of opportunity for water activities. Lake Victoria and the River Nile in particular provide opportunities geared towards thrill seekers. You can raft on white water (grade 5 rapids!), kayak or cruise to the… Read more »



If you like mountaineering, then the (5,119 m) high, snow covered Rwenzori Mountains - also known as the 'mountains of the moon' and protected as Rwenzori Mountains National Park which is also a World Heritage Centre - will offer you the unique experience you've been looking for. Read more »



We’d just love to sit and write all about Uganda’s mammals, birds and reptiles but we could be here for months and years… And we want to get you out into our parks and should of course, leave an element of surprise! So we have produced an overview instead… Mammals: The official number of mammals…  Read more »


Flora and Fauna

The Convention on Biological Diversity ranks Uganda as one of the top ten countries in the world for biodiversity. The Albertine Rift, which runs along the west of the country, is particularly known for the large number of endemic species it supports. Uganda’s vegetation is heaviest in the south and typically becomes wooded savannah in… Read more »